Wednesday, December 13, 2017

On wheels day the year fours  in Te Waka Ako had to go  to Te Ana Ako we did some games then we had morning tea we ate then we had wheel time we had games in the shade house it was fun. When we had wheels time we play games and went on our wheels . Then we had lunch it was yummy we ate ate ate until my favourite part came it was the slip and slide. The slip and slide is the best thing in our school but we had to relax,swim and then we did the slip and slide the slip and slide look better then me then I learnt to have fun at school here is some picture.

Friday, December 8, 2017

When we had athletic it was cool because I made it in to athletic zones 4 teacher our school was the head school to set it up so.we went early because we had to set it up so we put the tent up then we did the high jump then we did the track for the Running. Then we saw all the school there was heaps of people the teachers told us what are we doing now I am doing 800m here is some picture .
The celebration was cool I learnt how to make soap and the other thinks the celebration was awesome it was the best day of the week the best part was when we got lock up and then the teacher had to put water on us it was the best sale in my life.

Friday, November 17, 2017


This year we made soap in the past two terms we made soap because our school is having a gala day everyone in our school is coming. Everyone in the school is
making something we a having bags,soap and recycling and we 
dancing there.Other people is coming too and the best part is when we get food there too
it is 7$ and the food is pacific food that we a going to eat.We made poster for the gala day we made poster because
we a going to put the poster around the school so everyone comes and
buy the soap,bags and the recycle paper.

Thursday, November 9, 2017


This term Waikowhai Primary school has a gala day when every one comes and buy our soap, recycling paper,bags to hold your things and rapper to rap your food. At the gala day we will have food,games and dances every class make poster my poster is about to come to Waikowhai Primary school gala day.We made poster because we need people to come and buy our products.Everyone in the school is a in a dance.

Friday, October 27, 2017

book reviewed

This week our teachers gave us a book my book was Diary of the Sea Lion we was after morning tea we read our books after that we did our book review. We had to write things about our books and its about a sea lion who is scared of the sea but she swims in sea anyway. You get one book here a pictures of the work I have done. .
In Te Reo Maori we did carving and we carve this this was the hard one and I still did this and when you a finish you can make a google slide or a google doc but I made a google slide and I had to add information about this and the other ones it was cool and every one in Te Waka Ako and I finish with my friends we use a tooth stick and I finish my google slide.